Empresas de Software Libre de Andalucía - ANDALIBRE

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AndaLibre, the business association of open source companies of Andalusia
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ANDALIBRE, the Business Association of Open Source Companies of Andalusia

In May 2008 it was constituted at the Technological Park of Andalusia the business association that represent the open source at Andalusia. It groups to the providers of IT solutions based on the disruptive technologies of open source and open standards.

ANDALIBRE is built by service companies whose business models and existence is based on to offer good proximity solutions and in to warranty the freedom of election to their final clients. All this with the lower total cost of ownership ratios. ANDALIBRE rejects the unfortunatedly so spreaded among closed software providers practice of to lock in customers via their exclusive, closed and propietary technologies. The only lock in of our companies toward our customers is the fidelity and satisfacion, both obtained just with our good work and service behaviour. In summary, from our legal, profitable, efficient and fully interoperable IT solutions.

ANDALIBRE, with 27 member companies and a agregated revenew of more than 10 mio. Euro, is an entity in continuous growth that holds hundreds of professionals of the toppest qualification in our staffs. ANDALIBRE is the official representative for Andalusia of ASOLIF, the Spanish federation of open source business associatiosn of Spain, which is composed by more than 150 companies and thousands of workers.

In this website you will find all the official information about ANDALIBRE.


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Andalibre y ASOLIF organizan:
Finodex Málaga 2015
Málaga, 24 abr. 2015
Únete a AndaLibre
Andalibre organizó y patrocinó:
Libre Software World Conference 2010 - Málaga
Málaga, 27 octubre 2010
Andalibre ha patrocinado:
banner odfplugfest
Granada, 15-17 abril 2010
Andalibre colaboró con:
Libre Software World Conference 2011 - Zaragoza
Zaragoza, 9-10 nov. 2011
Andalibre colaboró con:
LibreCon 2014 Bilbao
Bilbao, 11-12 nov. 2014